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Gifts for Children with Cerebral Palsy – 2020 Edition

Are you shopping for an amazing gift for a child with Cerebral Palsy or with other special needs? We have compiled a great list of resources and ideas to help you find the perfect gift for infants and children of all ages!

*DISCLAIMER: we have accepted no compensation in return for any of the recommendations on this list, nor do we make any commission on any of the included Amazon links. The opinions in this guide are based exclusively on our own research and thoughtful consideration.

Keep reading to find the perfect gift for any child with Cerebral Palsy!

How Can Toys Help Cerebral Palsy?

Much of how children learn is through play. Children are full of curiosity and wonder. Every new shape and color and texture and sound is a new opportunity for development for a baby. 

Toys can teach children about the world around them and can encourage the development of practical abilities, like: coordination, motor skills, language, problem solving, conflict resolution, creativity, independence, self-esteem, and so on. 

Children who have Cerebral Palsy are no different from other children in this regard. Although a child’s abilities may be limited, stimulus and encouragement through play can help children with CP learn and grow, become more confident, and overcome individual difficulties.

Best Toys for Children with Cerebral Palsy in 2020

The best toys for children with Cerebral Palsy tend to be ones that are thoughtfully designed to encourage either mental or physical development in kids. Children with Cerebral Palsy may have physical limitations that present difficulties when interacting with toys. Every child is different. Mindfully selecting a toy that is well adapted to the child’s abilitys can be a rewarding and fun experience for all!

Birth to 24 Months Old

Whirly Squigz

Whirly Squigz is a toy that suctions into any kind of surface and spins. This bright and colorful toy encourages the growth of hand eye coordination and cause and effect in babies. The soft silicone is also safe for teething toddlers.

AMAZON LINK. $21.95 

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl

The Dimpl toy features five silicone bubbles of varying colors and sizes. Push, poke, and grab the dimples to pop them in and out. This toy encourages sensor exploration and fine motor skills in addition to teaching cause and effect. 


VTech Sort and Discover Drum

The VTech Sort and Discover Drum contains five blocks. Each block is a different color and shape. The blocks are numbered one through five and depict a different animal on the surface of each block. The drum plays songs and makes sounds and lights up, encouraging and rewarding children for sorting the blocks. This toy encourages children to develop motor skills, begin learning colors, shapes, animals, and numbers, as well as understand cause and effect. 


18 Months – 2 Years Old

Learning Resources Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog features fine motor games for toddlers. Each of the colorful quills are designed to teach color recognition, sorting, and counting skills. The peg shapes are designed to be just the right size for grasping and learning fine motor skills. 


LeapFrog Spin and sing Alphabet Zoo

The LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo introduces children to letters, animal names, and sounds. Each learning mode operates by spins of the wheel, and the child is rewarded with playful musical and light responses to each touch. This toy encourages fine motor skills in addition to teaching kids their ABCs, colors, shapes, and animals. 


ZZZ Weighted Blankets Sensory Sack

The ZZZ Weighted Blankets Sensory Sack maximizes a cool and calming effect among children. The soft, smooth, stretchy, and snug materials can sooth a child with feelings of warmth and protection. 


Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is like magic! It sticks to itself but not to you! This toy kit comes with 20 ways to play, the sand will never dry out, and the sand won’t stick to hair, and clothes, and skin. The kit comes with 7 multi use molds to create kings, queens, and castle themed shapes. Stimulate a child’s imagination with kinetic sand.


YBIKE Pewi Elite Bike Walking Ride on Toy

Suitable for children ages 9 months to 3 years (max weight 44 lbs), this award winning walking buddy can be used as a push toy, a walker, or as something to ride on. The toy provides diversity of options and support for children as they build strength and develop confidence pushing, walking, steering, and working on complex motor skills. Ideal for indoor use but rugged enough for outdoor use on smooth, level surfaces.


2 Years +

Vibrating Pillow

The Vibrating Pillow is a fundamental tool for working with sensory integration. The pillow can be used either to relax or stimulate a child and stops when pressure is released. Fun to play with, it also produces a calming effect. 


Brybelly Feelings in a Flash – Emotional Intelligence Flashcard Game

The Feelings in a Flash cardgame includes 50 richly illustrated, family and school friendly scenario cards. Each card corresponds to an emotional state and offers children opportunities to build confidence, learn empathy, and express their feelings at a young age. 


Toyzabo Challenging Puzzle Speed Cube Ball

The Toyzabo Challenging Puzzle Speed Cube Ball is an award winning brain teazer! The ball contains 12 holes and 11 colorful balls inside. By fidgeting the ball, you can pass the balls from one hole to another. The objective is to unscramble the puzzle, matching each ball with its corresponding hole. Fun for children ages 6 and up, this toy is a great stress reliever that promotes healthy brain activity and hand eye coordination. 


Champion Sports Plastic Scooter Board with Contoured Handles

The Champion Sports Plastic Scooter Board with Contoured Handles provides a comfortable and flexible way for children to scoot about on the floor. Children can sit, kneel, or lie prone on the scoot board, making this toy particularly accessible and functional.


Toddler Busy Board – Montessori Sensory Board for Toddlers

The Toddler Busy Board comes back with 9 buckles, ties, and buttons, given children a wide range of developmental levels to conquer. Each feature is safely and thoughtfully designed to present a different type or degree of challenge for children. 


Have a favorite toy that we missed? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear from you and keep growing our list.

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