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Can You Get Cerebral Palsy Later in Life?

No, you cannot get Cerebral Palsy later in life. The common belief that you can develop Cerebral Palsy later is most often attributed to the delay between childbirth and receiving an official diagnosis, which can sometimes occur years later. However, this is a misconception. Cerebral Palsy is caused by injuries that occur at or near the time of birth and it is a permanent, non-progressive condition. 

The information in this post was compiled from government, educational non-profit, and medical expert sources.

To learn more about what causes Cerebral Palsy, keep reading.

Cerebral Palsy Is Caused by Birth Injuries

To understand why you cannot get Cerebral Palsy (CP) later in life, let’s talk about what causes CP.

CP is a condition that results from birth injuries. Birth injuries are ones that occur at or near the time of birth. Therefore, at and near the time of birth is when people are vulnerable to injuries that can cause CP. 

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Why Do Some People Get Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Later in Life?

CP covers a wide range of movement and muscle disorders. People who have CP may have mild symptoms that do not show up for years, or they may have severe symptoms that show up near to birth.

Because the way that each person experiences CP can vary so much, there is no universal test for CP.

When someone is diagnosed with CP later in life, it is often because they did not receive screening for CP previously, or because their symptoms were not severe enough to be noticeable until later in life. 

Although an official diagnosis may come later in life, the underlying injuries have existed since birth. 

Cerebral Palsy Is Permanent

Currently, there is no cure for Cerebral Palsy. This means that once the underlying injuries that cause CP exist, there is no way to cure CP later in life. However, CP can be treated. 

Studies show that a treatment plan and early intervention can significantly improve how a child–and a family–experience the CP journey. For more information about treatment options, check out our section on Treating CP.

Cerebral Palsy Is Non-progressive

Fortunately, CP does not get worse over time. This is great news for children with CP and for parents who are learning to raise a child with CP! 

Because CP does not get worse over time, you and your doctors can come up with a treatment plan that addresses each stage of life, from infancy, to early childhood, through school, and even into adulthood. 


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Contact a Cerebral Palsy and Birth Injury Attorney

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